Trash Value Challenge Finland

Trash Value Challenge Finland

The assignment was to celebrate Christmas at school in sustainable way. Trash Value Challenge was taken through December and included many different subjects. During the Trash Value Challenge children were engouraged to think differently about buying and consuming over the Christmastime. Could Christmas come without overconsuming? Could we celebrate Christmas without polluting our planet? Could the Christmasdecorations be made in environmentally friendly way?

What were the results?

Children and teachers enjoyed the project very much. Around the Trash Value Challenge come up diverse results, for example:

  • learning to recycle
  • learning to make environmentally friendly Christmas art
  • learning a cultural change in Chirstmas celebration.

A nice example

Recycled class Christmas calendar: all the kids got to bring an old toy from home. Every day one of the kids got somebody's old toy from a class Christmas calendar. They were very happy of the old toys and realized that recylcling is a wonderful thing. Children made some Christmas art in an environmentally friendly way. Children first learned which materials are environmentally friendly and molder easily. Children made the classroomdecorations only with paper, gingerbread and recycled material. Those are environmentally friendly decorations unlike decorations made our of plastic, for example.

A short story

"This Chirstmas present is the best present ever!", said one of the kids. Somebody's trash and old toy can be the other one's treasure.

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